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In-Situ Rugged Reader

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The RuggedReader collects, stores, analyzes and transfers data using this ultra-rugged, multipurpose, hand-held PC. When coupled with any of In-Situ’s TROLL Water Quality or Level instruments, the RuggedReader delivers a reliable, easy-to-use data management system that will stand up to the harshest conditions. Improved smart battery, faster processing speed, a more flexible interface and the latest Microsoft operating system.

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The durable RuggedReader® handheld PC—rock solid in the most extreme environments—is your reliable field companion. Designed for Windows Mobile® operating systems, your RuggedReader features a wide variety of application software choices, including:

Win-Situ® Mobile, for use with Level TROLL® and Aqua TROLL® instruments
Pocket-Situ 4 for use with TROLL® 9500, miniTROLL®, and TROLL® 9000 instruments
Windows applications, including: Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®. Use Windows Mobile to access your e-mail messages and contacts from your Microsoft Outlook account.

Durable Design

Rugged, IP67-rated construction protects against dust, rain, and accidental submersion.
High-contrast, color LCD allows for easy viewing outdoors.

Powerful Processing

Intel® 520 MHz processor offers fast navigation and processing.
Internal solid-state Flash disk (256 MB) secures internal storage of data and applications.
Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology option has a range of 9 m (30 ft).

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