level troll 700

In-Situ Level Troll 700

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The In-Situ Level TROLL 700 offers advanced features for multi-step aquifer testing, precision river gauging, tidal influence studies, wave characterization, geothermal research, storm-event monitoring and more.

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The titanium Level TROLL® 700 Instrument for when you need a water level instrument with exceptional performance. Professional logging options expand functionality:

Linear average, step linear, true logarithmic, and fast linear (4x/second) logging in addition to standard linear, fast linear, and event.
A fast logging rate of 4 logs per second.
“Pause” and “Restart” logging features—Restart logarithmic sampling within the same file.


Aquifer characterization—Step-drawdown tests, constant-rate pump tests, and slug tests
Multi-zone aquifer monitoring
Real-time monitoring via telemetry
Stormwater monitoring
Tide/harbor monitoring

Integrated Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, and 4-20 mA simplify connection to SCADA and telemetry systems
4 MB memory
Fastest logging rate and Modbus rate of 4 per second
Fastest SDI-12 and 4-20 mA output rate of 1 per second
Sensor accuracy of ±0.1% full scale
Vented (gauged) instruments
Narrow diameter body (0.72” OD)
Uses Win-Situ® Software for simplified setup and fast data downloads

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